private investigative services

Our digital forensic experts are licensed private investigators by requirement of Missouri and Illinois law and places us in position to be able to provide much needed assistance to individuals who have a requirement of discretion. Information which is accurate, well-documented Watermark’s unique set of technical skills are increasingly needed in private investigative work.

Watermark understands that some cases require a traditional approach to investigative work beyond the scope of just digital information. Are you the victim of a fraudulent claim? Do you want to verify findings or confirm details where you are meeting opposition to getting the information you require?


Watermarks private investigators are experienced working with corporate clients and understand the value of time. Personal information devices which are corporate owned and are misused by an employee can create a great deal of problems. Intellectual property theft is an increasing problem. Outsourced IT can pose a serious threat to a business which has valuable intellectual property. A company’s most valuable IP assets are more often than not stolen by an employee or contractor. Our investigators are able to use recovery methods which produce results. After we have helped you resolve and mitigate your concern we would like to help you resolve the source of the problems by performing an audit.

Domestic Investigations:

A cheating spouse can disrupt family life, business and personal health. Do you have other family problems which you would rather not read about in the paper and would prefer privately settling your problems? When reliable, verified information is available people make the best decisions.
Do you have a situation or problem and aren’t getting the answers you need to move forward with business or personal life? Keeping children safe online is an increasing problem. After we have helped you resolve your problems we can also provide security assessments for both physical and network security.

Additional Services:

  • IT Security Consulting
  • Litigation Support for Plaintiffs & Defendants
  • Computer & Cell Phone Forensics
  • Real Time GPS Child & Cheating Spouse Sentinel & Surveillance
  • Legal Document Attorney Support & Forwarding-Nationwide
  • Online Service Databases, Nationwide (Service Exchange Network® “Serve-X”)
  • Worker’s Compensation Surveillance & Investigations
  • Cheating Spouse & Infidelity Surveillance & Investigations
  • Handwriting Analysis & Mail Deception
  • Social Network, Email Investigations
  • Alleged Child Abuse, Kidnapping & Cult Investigations
  • Loss Mitigation (Corporate & Medical)
  • Pre-Employment, FBI, ISP & Drug Screening (FBI Directly Channeled)
  • Live Scan Fingerprinting in conjunction with Accurate Biometrics
  • Elderly & Child Healthcare Protection & Investigations
  • FMLA (Family Medical Leave) Verifications
  • Industrial/Consumer/Commercial & Personal Injury, Security Assessments
  • White Collar Financial Crime-Fraud Investigations
  • Cellphone Number Lookup
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Custody Mediation & Investigations
  • Criminal & Prisoner Liaison
  • Security, Intrusion & Alarm Assessment

Whatever your need, be it surveillance, locating a missing person, or need an expert witness, Watermark provides the highest level of professional manners in all business. Our results indicate Watermark to be the premier investigation service in Missouri.

MO Licensed Private Investigator #2011028170
MO Licensed Private Investigator #2012014967
IL License Private Investigator #117-001201