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Watermark provides collection and analysis of digital forensic data and litigation support. Watermark’s certified investigators are able to provide expert witness services to attorneys, corporations, private investigators, and small businesses. Watermark provides collection and analysis of digital forensic data and litigation support.


Digital forensic investigations are generally governed by the following principles:

(1) Curtailing the loss of potential evidence.
(2) Documenting in detail the investigation process.
(3) Performing analysis of all data sources gathered.
(4) Reporting results to the client, their counsel, or the Court.

Once engaging with Watermark, we discuss with you all of your suspicions or concerns. Through this, a scope of investigation is created and all potential sources of evidence are identified.

Note that in most cases, the quicker you engage with a digital forensics investigator the better. Potential evidence is spoiled through continuing use of the suspect device.

After identifying the potential sources, Watermark investigators review the possible containers of this evidence and document all pertinent information. Data is then acquired in a manner that will result in an exact digital copy (forensic copy) that will serve as a source of potential evidence.

Once the data has been acquired, a Chain of Custody is created, and a working copy of the potential evidence is made, leaving the original copy pristine. Utilizing a vast toolkit of forensic applications, Watermark investigators then perform analysis of the data, which can include a text search, a timeline analysis, data recovery, and so on, depending on the scope of investigation.

After analysis is complete, a report is offered to the client and/or their counsel summarizing any results. Once this report is reviewed by the parties, Watermark investigators continue to be engaged with the client, assisting with the response to any court orders, interfacing with opposing counsel’s forensic experts, providing sworn testimony, etc.


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