insurance sector

Fraudulent insurance claims account for an annual loss in the billions. Watermark’s digital forensics team can recover data and other information to ensure compliance and to confirm and investigate insurance claims. Often the scope of the claim involves being able to properly assess dates and times from computer data available, or if damages to a network are being covered by a claim we are able to assist in determination of the root cause. Computers and networks utilized in insurance fraud can often clearly indicate such intentions. Our ability to perform deep analysis of a devices information can yield useful information such as location, speed or other information which is not always readily accessible.

Our digital forensics examiners are experienced in the IT field and have corporate level experience and hold security clearances if the job requires. Mobile phones can be a central part of an insurance claim – has a phone been recovered which needs information retrieved? We can assist with corporate personal device compliance issues and fully investigate most portable devices.

In cases of data loss we are often able to recover information using the latest hardware and software tools. Just because it was deleted doesn’t mean it’s gone.