mobile phone forensics

Mobile devices are a growing and diverse category organizing and collecting vast amounts of personal information. Mobile devices are designed to be multi-functional and often collect useful information for the device’s normal functioning but this extensible data is of particular interest to a forensics examiner. GPS coordinates, speed and other data may be logged in addition to images, voicemail, texts and other messages as well as other embedded information not available to the end-user.

Cell phones are inventoried by using industry and court-approved (see Case Law) custom hardware and software. We can work with most mobile-devices and usually have a proper connector and software to interface with a given phone. Each device is unique and collects and provides varying levels of information. Security researchers continue to tweak their security devices and mobile-phone companies work to ensure higher-levels of security.

Mobile device forensics is truly legal and court-approved hacking. The data which is often retrieved was not intended by the manufacturer to be available. Often default settings provide the easiest and most functional use of a device but to an unknowing criminal this data can be extremely incriminating when properly analyzed. Mobile devices are increasingly used for Internet browsing. Internet browsing history may provide useful clues to the employees’ use of time, interests or motives for a particular crime.

Watermark is in the business of forensics but endorses security of computer and mobile devices and can work with your company to ensure a greater level of protection.