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computer forensics >

Computer Forensics is the collection of computer data such that this data may be preserved and analyzed and used as potential evidence without risk of modifying that data. The careful practice and execution of reproducible methods of evidence preservation and protection allow peer review and thus provides credible evidence in court. Learn More

mobile phone forensics >

Mobile devices are a growing and diverse category organizing and collecting vast amounts of personal information. Mobile devices are designed to be multi-functional and often collect useful information for the device's normal functioning but this extensible data is of particular interest to a forensics examiner. GPS coordinates, speed and other data may be logged in addition to images, voicemail, texts and other messages as well as other embedded information not available to the end-user. Learn More

expert witness services >

Our investigators are qualified, often holding many certifications and past experience which prepares them to present and discuss evidence based upon the information provided. Learn More

private investigative services >

Our digital forensic experts are licensed private investigators by requirement of Missouri and Illinois law and places us in position to be able to provide much needed assistance to individuals who have a requirement of discretion. Information which is accurate, well-documented Watermark's unique set of technical skills are increasingly needed in private investigative work. Watermark understands that some cases require a traditional approach to investigative work beyond the scope of just digital information. Are you the victim of a fraudulent claim? Do you want to verify findings or confirm details where you are meeting opposition to getting the information you require? Learn More