Scott Schaffer

Scott A. Schaffer is the Chief Technologist at Blade Technologies, Inc. and the Founder and Principal Investigator for Watermark Forensic Services & Litigation Support LLC. Mr. Schaffer is responsible for establishing and directing the strategic long term goals, policies and procedures for all internal information systems, as well as client’s information systems. Mr. Schaffer is an experienced information systems management professional and provides innovative information systems solutions for his clients and team. His areas of expertise include: network infrastructure, network management, security auditing, eDiscovery, forensic investigations, litigation support, and expert witness services. Mr. Schaffer’s experiences include the development of courses, textbooks, and interactive training software for Preparing for Windows 95 and Windows 95 Administration curriculums as well as authoring, coordinating and delivering technical training for Novell and Microsoft networking technologies. Scott has also served a network administrator of several Novell NetWare wide area networks. In September of 2004, Mr. Schaffer joined Blade Technologies, Inc. as Chief Technical Officer where he leverages his vast systems expertise and knowledge of the small and medium business market to assist organizations throughout the region. He is a frequent speaker and contributor to several media outlets including KPLR-TV, KTVI-TV and KTRS-AM radio as well as serving as a monthly columnist of the St. Louis PC Journal, The Family Network, and Small Business Television (